Hi I’m Julie

23 years experience in life
- live life to the fullest

23 years experience as a sister
- we love, we cry, we play and we make time fly

20 years experience as being a good friend
- sharing is caring

16 years experience as a hardworking student
- taught me that nothing comes easy, work for it

14 years experience in ballet
- where you need to try, try harder and keep trying

5 years experience as a main animator in a day care during holidays
- where I helped to shape little minds

2 years experience in being a loving partner
- taught me to enjoy little things in life

2 years experience as a Chiro chick
- where responsibility and fun are number 1

1 year experience as a cooking queen
- happiness is homemade

That’s 106 years of experience all together, so I’m definitely your woman!

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