Hi I’m David

30 years experience in life
- go hard or go home

30 years experience as a brother
- being the youngest of 4 sure taught me a lot

24 years experience in sports
- a strong body is not made in comfort

21 years experience in drumming
- music makes the heart beat

15 years experience in travelling
- intrigued by other cultures exploring the world

10 years experience in teaching music
- showing knowledge through the best thing in life

8 years experience in projectmanagement
- tell me I can't, then watch me work 2 as hard to prove you wrong

4 years experience in acting
- if there's a stage, I'm on it

3 year experience in marriage
- one of the biggest project in my life, but makes it easy with the best wife you can imagine

1 year experience as a dad
- play like a kid, give advice like a friend and protect like a body guard

That’s 146 years of experience all together, so I’m definitely your man!

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